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Bronze Age finds stun digs director

Bronze Age finds stun digs director
trefwoorden: Ulster - UK - bronstijd - begraven - huis
The amount of material recovered at a Bronze Age archaeological dig in Mid-Ulster was today described as "phenomenal" by the man leading the recovery project.
As bulldozers prepare the ground for the new 1.9m Mid-Ulster Sport Academy at the Loughry Estate, Cookstown, a team of archaeologists are using more modest shovels to delve deep into the area's past on the edge of the site.
Galway man Robert Chapple, site director of excavations for Northern Archaeological Consultancy, is stunned at the find.
"The fact we've got 2,500 finds from a prehistoric landscape is incredible. I have been in archaeology for going on 15 years and I've never come across a site that has produced so much material. It's phenomenal," he said.

Lees verder bij Belfast Telegraph (23 augustus 2003)