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Fertility symbol found

7,000-year-old statue discovery 'is first male fertility symbol'
trefwoorden: Nieuwe steentijd - Duitsland - vruchtbaarheidssymbool
Archaeologists in Germany have found what they believe is the oldest male statue discovered in Europe, dating back 7,000 years to the Neolithic period. Previously only female statues have been known.
The statue, dubbed the Adonis of Zschernitz, was found on Monday during work on a gas pipe outside the town of Zschernitz, near the Polish border.
Only the torso, from around the navel to the top of the thighs, remains intact.
Judith Oexle, state archaeologist for the state of Saxony, said the piece, which has been presented to archaeologists in Dresden, measured 3in. "We think the figure was originally 25cms [10in] tall," she said.

Lees verder bij: Telegraph (23 augustus 2003)