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Young archaeologists discover bronze age cairns on Moor

Young archaeologists discover bronze age cairns on Moor
trefwoorden Cornwall - Minions Moor - grafheuvel - hunebed
A group of young people on an archaeological holiday in Cornwall with the YAC were astounded to find two previously unrecorded oblong, grave-shaped stone mounds on Minions Moor, part of Bodmin Moor.
Experts have now examined the cairns, which could date from the Bronze Age, and further work will be carried out to identify them when the summer growth of bracken and gorse has died back.
Two keen young archaeologists, Emily Gilchrist and Lewis Golding, made the discovery. The party was lead by retired headmaster and stalwart of the YAC, Tony Blackman.
"Just before we stumbled on the find, one of them even said to me - 'I wonder if we are going to find anything. Just about everything there is to be found here has already been found!"

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