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Ayodhya dig report completed

Ayodhya dig report completed
trefwoorden: India - Ayodhya - rapport - Hindu - Islam
An archaeological report that could help decide the future of the controversial Ayodhya religious site in northern India has been completed.
Archaeologists who excavated the site handed in their report to a court in Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh, on Friday.
They were investigating claims that an ancient Hindu temple had stood on the site where a subsequent mosque was destroyed by hardline Hindus in 1992.
Hindus say a temple must be constructed on the site, while Muslims want the land to rebuild their mosque.
The Lucknow High Court is expected to meet on Monday to discuss the 574-page report.
Util then it is being kept under tight guard.

Lees verder bij: BBC News (22 augustus 2003)