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Bosnia bridge to get keystone

Bosnia bridge to get keystone
trefwoorden: BosniŽ - brug - Unesco - 16e eeuw
An historic bridge which was destroyed during the Bosnian war, reaches a crucial stage in its reconstruction on Friday.
The 16th Century bridge, part of a Unesco world heritage site, will have its keystone laid into place in a special ceremony attended by local politicians and community leaders.
The completion of the $20m project is still several months away but this is seen as a highly symbolic moment.
The bridge, known simply as Stari Most or Old Bridge, was built by the Ottomans and had survived relatively intact through Bosnia's turbulent history.
Its destruction by Croat forces in November 1993 graphically illustrated how relations between Bosnia's Muslims, Croats and Serbs had so spectacularly collapsed.
"The bridge was a symbol of Bosnia's multi-ethnic, multi-cultural way of life," said BBC South-East Europe analyst, Gabriel Partos.

Lees verder bij: BBC News (22 augustus 2003)