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Inscription links Jerusalem tomb to Jesus

Inscription links Jerusalem tomb to Jesus
trefwoorden: Israel - Jeruzalem - graftombe - Absalom - Zacharias
For centuries passers-by have thrown rocks at an ornate tomb in Jerusalem's Kidron Valley, reviled as the traditional burial place of the biblical King David's villainous son Absalom.
But in one of those strange twists unique to the Holy Land -- where tombs can post-date by a millennium those believed buried there -- an inscription found on the crypt now points to it belonging not to Absalom but rather John the Baptist's father, Zacharias, and maybe even James, who some Christians regard as the brother of Jesus.
"It could be the most exciting discovery in absolutely decades," said Professor James Strange, an archaeologist at the University of South Florida who specialises in the Christian and Byzantine periods.
Early Christian writings refer to a tomb in Jerusalem where the bodies of Zacharias, James and Simeon -- another figure mentioned in the New Testament's Gospel of Saint Luke -- were buried. But the tradition was lost centuries ago.

Lees verder bij: Reuters (22 augustus 2003)