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'Incredible' find at Loughry

'Incredible' find at Loughry
trefwoorden: Ulster - UK - bronstijd - huis - 1750 BCE
While 20 diggers and dump trucks shifted soil on a 35-acre site at Loughry near Cookstown on Friday they couldn’t drown out the noise of a trowel scraping.
As bulldozers prepared the ground for the new Ł1.9m Mid-Ulster Sport Academy at Tullywiggan Road, a team of archaeologists - with more modest shovels - were delving deep into Mid-Ulster’s past on the edge of the site.
Sports fans may be excited at the prospect of the new complex but their enthusiasm is surpassed by the archaeologist heading up the Loughry dig - Galway man Robert Chapple.
Mr Chapple, site director of excavations for Northern Archaeological Consultancy, said that the amount of material uncovered is “phenomenal”.
There are two sites being investigated and Mr Chapple said he was hoping that one of these - to the north - could turn out to show evidence of a Bronze Age (2000-1500BC) house. The more southerly site is giving an amazing insight into the burial customs of our ancestors.
What Cookstown District Council - which is overseeing the scheme - has described as “modest redesign” of the sports complex scheme has been necessary as a result of the finds.

Lees verder bij: Mid-Ulster Mail (21 augustus 2003)