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Age puzzle over 'Roman' treasure

Age puzzle over 'Roman' treasure
trefwoorden: Engeland - British Museum - vaas - romeins - 16e eeuw
The origin of one of the British Museum's greatest Roman treasures has been thrown into confusion after a scholar claimed it was actually made in the 16th Century.
Dr Jerome Eisenberg, one of the world's leading authorities on ancient art, is "convinced" that the Portland Vase was made during the Renaissance.
The vase is described by the museum as "the most famous cameo-glass vessel from antiquity" and was a widely accepted to have been made circa 30-20 BC.
A museum expert said the vase was still believed to be Roman because of the techniques used to make it. Dr Eisenberg, editor-in chief of ancient art and archaeology magazine Minerva, has been on a personal quest to establish the origin of the vase for 32 years.

Lees verder bij: BBC News (21 augustus 2003)