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Louvre Museum has purchased Iranian historical relics from smugglers

Louvre Museum has purchased Iranian historical relics from smugglers
trefwoorden: Iran - Jiroft - Louvre - smokkelaars
A France-based Iranian archaeologist announced that head of the Middle East Department of Louvre Museum has purchased the historical relics discovered in Jiroft but taken out from Iran by smugglers.
Pointing to high value of the precious relics, Yousef Majidzadeh highlighted the fact that the Iranian civilization dating back to millenniums BC, belong not only to Iranians but to the entire world. “Today, Jiorft is changing the history of archaeology of the world, as Europeans believe that the major archaeological facts in the past 100 years has been discovered in Jiroft,” he said adding that, “Jiroft was a cradle of civilization not Sumer.”
A Frenceh archaeologist Jean Perreaux who had long been working as head of excavation group in several historical regions of Iran also mentioned that several measures need to be taken to stop such acts in the future. The recent excavation in Jiroft surely is of paramount importance, proving the fact that the source of civilization should be studied in southeast of Iran not Mesopotamia, said Jean Perreaux.

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