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Rare sword to go on display in town

Rare sword to go on display in town
trefwoorden: zwaard - 7e eeuw - UK - Bury St. Edmunds
A rare 7th Century gold sword mount is to go on display in the town where it was unearthed by a treasure hunter.
The 20,000 gold and garnet mount, which measures barely 14mm square and is a mere 11mm high, was found in the Bury St Edmunds area by a metal detector enthusiast sweeping the earth for precious artefacts.
The mount, shaped like a hollow truncated pyramid with intricate applied filigree decoration in the shape of knots, was unearthed almost exactly three years ago and was later declared treasure under the 1996 Treasure Act.

Lees verder bij: East Anglia Daily Times (21 augustus 2003)