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Meet the ancestors

Meet the ancestors
trefwoorden: UK - Poulton - bronstijd - romeinse tijd - middeleeuwen
An archaeologicla dig in a Cheshire hamlet has emerged as one of Britain's most important excavations ever.
Archaeologists working in Poulton, south of Chester, have discovered evidence of human activity dating back 9,000 years.
They have unearthed five Bronze Age burial mounds, two Roman buildings and a medieval chapel and cemetery.
The series of remarkable discoveries was made during excavations to find the lost Abbey of Poulton which once stood on the site.
Archaeologist Mike Emery has run the dig, on farmland bordering the Duke of Westminster's Eaton estate, for the past eight years.
Each summer, he and a team of volunteers work on the field and first unearthed evidence of medieval occupation, then Roman, and in the past year a prehistoric community.

Lees verder bij: Cheshire Online (20 augustus 2003)