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Evidence of great Indian uprising unearthed

Evidence of great Indian uprising unearthed
trefwoorden: Mexico - Bacalar - 16e eeuw - Maya
Mexican archaeologists have unearthed what may be the resting place of dozens of victims massacred during North America's last large-scale Native American war.
The excavations in the Caribbean coast town of Bacalar have yielded a cautionary tale about the destructive power of rural conflict here. The dig at Bacalar's old San Joaquin Church illustrates how, when Mexico allows land and ethnic conflicts to simmer, they eventually explode, often with astonishing violence.
Originally built in the 1600s to withstand attacks by English pirates, Bacalar, 320km south of Cancun, finally succumbed to a different threat: Mayans driven to rebellion by 300 years of oppression, first by the Spanish conquistadors and later by mixed-race Mexicans.

Lees verder bij: IOL (20 augustus 2003)