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Acropolis building site stirs up storm

Acropolis building site stirs up storm
trefwoorden: Griekenland - Athene - Acropolis - museum
If visitors to the Acropolis in central Athens were to cast their eyes across the city to the south-east, they would soon spot a large gap in the densely populated neighbourhood of Markryianni, just a stone's-throw away.
eIt is a building site for a controversial new Acropolis museum. The museum will be just a stone's throw from the Acropolis For the Greek Government, the museum is a key part of the realisation of a long-held and much-cherished dream.
The dream is to secure the return of the Elgin marbles from the British Museum more than 200 years after they were removed from the Acropolis and shipped to London on the orders of the British diplomat Lord Elgin.

Lees verder bij: BBC News (19 augustus 2003)