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Excavating the 'perfect ship'

Excavating the 'perfect ship'
trefwoorden: Zwarte Zee - houten schip - 5e eeuw
A robot is enabling archaeologists to explore a wooden wreck, preserved for more than a millennium at the bottom of the Black Sea.
Somewhere off Turkey's Black Sea coast, in a grave a thousand feet beneath the waves, a ghostly mast stands erect in the gloom.
Preserved for 1,500 years by the scarcity of oxygen in the Black Sea's depths, the wooden mast provides a tantalizing hint of the historical treasure that archaeologists have now begun to excavate.
It is "a perfect wooden ship; it is perfectly preserved," said Lisa Jaccoma, a vice president at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration. "It is sitting upright, in a silt layer, with a mast coming off it with a piece of line on top. It's extraordinary."

Lees verder bij: SunSpot (18 augustus 2003)