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Yemen: 8th century coins found in Fara Al-Udain

Yemen: 8th century coins found in Fara Al-Udain
trefwoorden: Yemen - 8e eeuw - munten
A hoard of old silver coins were found at the top of Al-Mansour Mountain in Al-Akhmas district of Fara Al-Udain, Ibb.
These coins date back to the 8th century AH from the time of Sultan Al-Abbas Ibn Al-Mujahed Ali Bin Dawood. The coins were discovered by locals and were sold in the nearby Al-Houriah market in Shara’ab, Taiz.
In a statement to the Yemen Observer, General Manager of the local GOAM bureau Khaled Al-Ansi said, “We’ve received a notification of sabotage of historical sites and antiquities in the district of Fara Al-Udain province of Al-Akhmas by the citizens. Upon this notification and at the bidding of the Governor, we went to the area and found that some of the locals had tried to change some of the terraces at the peak of Jabal Al-Mansour to cultivated land using a tractor at night.
As they were doing so, they discovered the silver coins shining in the headlights of the tractor. The next day, they hurried to collect the coins and then to sell them in Al-Houriah market.
“We are now working to arrest the concerned citizens and get back the coins that they looted and sold. This discovery is considered an important page in the Islamic history of the district of Fara Al-Udain and a reason for more attention to be given to this district in the field of archeology,” he concluded.

Gelezen bij: Zawya (17 augustus 2003)