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US shipwreck could yield millions

US shipwreck could yield millions
trefwoorden: Georgia - schipwrak - goud - munten - 19e eeuw
American experts say they have located the remains of a sunken 19th-Century steamship that could contain one of the richest cargoes ever recovered from a shipwreck.
The S.S. Republic was carrying thousands of gold coins, now possibly worth $150m, from New York to New Orleans when it sank off the coast of Georgia in 1865, according to newspaper accounts and historical records.
Greg Stemm and John Morris from Odyssey Marine Explorations, who have spent 12 years searching for the vessel, revealed on Saturday that they had found it last month.
Documentation and excavation of the shipwreck site using remote-controlled robotic equipment is due to begin in September.

Lees verder bij: BBC News (17 augustus 2003)