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Viking warrior found in shallow grave near busy street in capital

Viking warrior found in shallow grave near busy street in capital
trefwoorden: Ierland - Dublin - 8e eeuw- viking - graf
The remains of a Viking warrior - part of his shield still intact - has been discovered in a shallow grave just a few feet from one of Dublin's busiest streets.
Early indications are that the find, on a site where South Great George's Street borders Stephen Street, could date to the end of the 8th century and arrival of the first Vikings in Dublin.
It seems likely the warrior, who would have been buried with his shield, sword and dagger, belonged to an early raiding party which arrived in Dublin more than 50 years before the first Viking settlements were established between Dublin Castle and what is today the Parliament Street area of Temple Bar.
The remains were discovered during archaeological excavations at a Dunnes Stores-owned site just off South Great George's Street at what is to be its new HQ.
At first glance the remains look like a few assorted bones with a piece of scrap metal in the centre but to the archaeologists who discovered them - they've named the warrior Eric - it is another vital link in tracing the early history of Dublin and its first inhabitants.

Lees verder bij: Irish Independent (12 augustus 2003)