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Museums to get automated ticketing machines at last

Museums to get automated ticketing machines at last
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More than five years have passed since the government declared it was installing automated ticketing machines in museums. The Archaeology Museum in Valletta will have the first one installed tomorrow.
Announced in 1998 as “a major step forward”, the project has taken as long as the buses ticketing machines to materialise. Since then, thousands of tickets issued have been unaccounted for, with the Auditor General remarking two years ago that sales and visitors’ figures did not tally.
Ticket sales at museums are believed to be the breeding ground for abuse. The former Museums Department had up to Lm100,000 budgeted every year to launch the new ticketing system and step up security at heritage sites, but excessive red tape kept the project being postponed year after year.
Heritage Malta, which has now taken on the responsibilities of the former department and falls under the new Culture Ministry headed by Jesmond Mugliett, tomorrow will launch the first machine and announce some slight increases in admission tickets.

Lees verder bij: Malta Independent Online (17 augustus 2003)