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An undersea expedition of biblical proportions?

An undersea expedition of biblical proportions?
trefwoorden: Zwarte Zee - onderwaterarcheologie - oude beschavingen
In 1994, archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert rode around northern Turkey in a dirty white Toyota van, looking for evidence of ancient civilizations around the Black Sea.
Every time he and his team would ask locals for the whereabouts of centuries-old ruins, they'd get the same response. "Everyone kept pointing us to the sea," Hiebert recalled.
Hiebert knows now why they did. After some preliminary trips, the University of Pennsylvania professor and other scientists are now on a first-ever effort to excavate ancient ships and a possible human settlement left mummified in the Black Sea's oxygen-free waters.
Scientists hope what they retrieve will help them understand vastly unknown chapters in human history, covering perhaps the Bronze Age, the Roman and Byzantine empires, and when Christianity first made inroads into Russia.

Lees verder bij: Orlando Sentinel (17 augustus 2003)