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Archaeologists Discover Tomb Under Residential Complex in Oaxaca, Mexico

Archaeologists discover tomb under residential complex in Oaxaca, Mexico
trefwoorden: Mexico - graftombe - Oaxaca - 5e eeuw
On a high hilltop terrace in Oaxaca, Mexico, a team of Field Museum archaeologists discovered a 1,500-year-old underground tomb while excavating a palace-like residence.
Although it was near the end of their excavation season, they dared not leave the tomb unexplored. News of this find at El Palmillo was sure to get around, and looting would follow. As it was, workers had to guard the tomb every night until the tomb was excavated.
Images of the stone-lined interior snapped with a digital camera and flash through an exposure created long ago when the door of the tomb shifted helped plan the excavation and showed that the tomb remained in good shape.

Lees verder bij: Yahoo (15 augustus 2003)