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Experts uncover castle secrets

Experts uncover castle secrets
trefwoorden: Carmarthen - kasteel - vonsten
The Archaeological dig at Carmarthen Castle could prove to be of national importance.
For over nine weeks a team from Llandeilo-based Cambrian Archaeology have spent endless hours digging and sifting through the earth at the medieval castle for time-locked clues into life of Carmarthen's past. And in the last week, they have made some significant discoveries.
Probably the earliest of the man-made structure - the edge of the moat - was found.
Whilst digging they also found a clutch of shoes, wooden bowls, a horse skeleton, more bones and even faeces and moss that had been preserved in the waterlogged depths of the moat, through anaerobic preservation.
Another interesting find was a piece of lead, understood to have been used for decoration, with two crosses embossed on it.
The dig was supposed to have finished this week, but because of the significance of the finds so far the archaeologists have been given a three-week extension.
"It is quite an important dig and it could turn out to be of national importance in the end, once we have done all the research and identified all the finds," said archaeologist Duncan Schlee.
"Carmarthen was an important castle so it is nice to be able to make the most of it and find out more about what survives."

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