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Hoard of golden coins found at dig site

Hoard of golden coins found at dig site
trefwoorden: Engeland - romeinse tijd - 1e eeuw BCE - munten - bot
Part of the hoard, the bone in which it was found, and the X-ray which revealed its secret. By any stretch of the imagination, it is an unusual moneybox.

But some 2000 years ago, this mud-filled end of a cow's leg bone became the storage place for a hoard of Gallo Belgic Es gold coins, or staters, which date from around 60-50 BC.
It has come to light just a few days before the end of the eighth season of the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (SHARP), which aims ultimately to build up a full history of the village, near Hunstanton
Each summer sees a continuation of an extensive excavation of a Saxon cemetery in the valley of the Heacham River, which has so far unearthed around 200 skeletons and evidence of an Iron Age settlement.
The discovery of the hoard by metal detectorist Kevin Woodward is being hailed as the most significant find in the dig's history and is expected to generate considerable interest in the archaeological world.

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