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Divers uncover wreck of 1740 British troop ship in St Kitts

Divers uncover wreck of 1740 British troop ship in St Kitts
trefwoorden: Onderwater archeologie - 18e eeuw - schip
Divers carrying out an archaeological survey in St Kitts have identified the remains of a 1740's troop ship including 5 iron cannon, musketballs and glassware.
The Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (ADMAT) started work on the site after the remains of a large shipwreck were uncovered in White House Bay on St. Kitts by a hurricane. The project, led by Simon Spooner of Bristol University, was run as a field school for aspiring marine archaeologists, with divers coming from Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Denmark and the UK.
The team spent 5 weeks surveying and excavating the site of what is believed to be a 1740s English troop ship, possibly sunk during the Battle of Frigate Bay in 1782. As the team uncovered the wrecks massive timbers, the age and significance of the ship became apparent. The timbers still covered by sand were in excellent condition, stretching for 60 ft, and consisted of the lower hull arrangements of the bow section, going as far as the main mast step. The stern has yet to be found.

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