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School construction unearths unusual set of slippers

School construction unearths unusual set of slippers
trefwoorden: mystery - slippers - wall
A construction project at Augusta State University has turned into a history lesson, too, as professors try to trace a mysterious pair of slippers found in the walls.
While renovating an 1829 building, Rains Hall, workers unearthed a range of castoffs from the past: liquor bottles, broken china, musket balls.
But professors were intrigued by one item, a set of handmade women's slippers. With pink and green circles still visible, the bathing slippers appeared to be hand-woven of natural fiber, possibly hemp.
The shoes quickly became a mystery for the university's archaeological project staff. Who would put shoes behind a wall? And why?

Lees verder bij: Macon Telegraph (12 augustus 2003)