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A race-against-the-clock to preserve parts of ancient egypt

A race-against-the-clock to preserve parts of ancient egypt
trefwoorden: Egypte - oudheid - opgraving - bouwproject
When rescue archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur heads to work downtown, he goes way down down to bedrock 40 feet deep.
Over the past dozen years, Empereur has led a small, multi-disciplinary team of specially-trained archaeologists in a race-against-the clock during excavations of 15 urban sites. Their mission is rescue excavation, which means moving fast: "When a developer wants to demolish an old building and replace it with a tower," he says, "we have a few weeks to excavate down to rock."
Among the most intriguing of the land excavations he's involved with now is a new dig in the eastern part of the modern city. Here, in the nursery of a Latin cemetery a section where plants were grown but that has only sparse traces of modern burials is an alabaster tomb dating back to the early 3rd century B.C.

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