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'King's grave' rebuilt

'King's grave' rebuilt
trefwoorden: Nederland - ijzertijd - bronstijd - Oss - Koningsgraf
For many centuries the King's Grave, an ancient burial hill near the southern Dutch city of Oss, has been an eery kind of place.
The local population had all kinds of ghost stories about it and preferred not to go there at night. But now it looks brand new, in fact it is brand new. A low sandy hill, shaped a bit like a thick pancake, lies directly beside a highway. Roaring traffic thunders by and all thought of anything sacred or spooky quickly disapears. The ceremonial burial hill is now cut in half because the (now non-existent) other half would otherwise cover the highway.
In the past, burial mounds like these were not uncommon in this part of the Netherlands. They dated from the Iron Age, approximately 700 BC and some were even a couple of hundred years older, the Bronze Age. As a rule they were left as they were, most of them were not very large, 25 meters in diameter at the most, and since their height was usually no more than 75 centimeters they were really not in the way at all. Cattle, for instance, could easily walk over them and simply grazed on the top.

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