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Ancient tomb to make way for progress

Ancient tomb to make way for progress
trefwoorden: China - Nanking - 14e eeuw - graftombe
Xiama Archway at the 14th century Xiaoling Tomb in Nanjing may be moved north to make way for a widened highway connecting Nanjing and Hangzhou.
Jiangsu Zhejiang Authorities at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park, which is in charge of the Xiaoling Tomb, refused to comment on the reported move, as did the Nanjing city government.
However, Yang Weiguo head of the Xuanwu District construction bureau under the Nanjing Construction Commission said the archway would be moved 30m north and its two steles would be moved 60m north if the Nanjing-Hangzhou Highway were to be widened from 20m to 40m wide.
It was originally estimated that the whole project would be completed and the road opened to traffic before Oct 1 this year but construction work is still taking place.

Lees verder bij: The Star (11 augustus 2003)