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Britain's oldest exam certificate found

Britain's oldest exam certificate found
trefwoorden: romeinse tijd - Norfolk - Engeland - diploma - brons
As students across the country prepare for their A-level results this week, archaeologists have uncovered the earliest examination certificate ever found in Britain.
Fragments of two bronze sheets, which had been threaded together, were unearthed by metal detector enthusiasts in Norfolk.
The diploma was awarded in AD98 to a garrison soldier whose name has not survived but who was recruited in the imperial province of Pannonia, now the Balkans. Lettering inscribed on the eroded metal shows that he served in the legions from AD73, most of the time in Britain.
His certificate acknowledges lessons learned during 25 years in the Roman army, lessons which became as subject to controversy and allegations of cheating as any modern exam.

Lees verder bij: The Guardian (11 augustus 2003)