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Yemen: Cave reveals archaeological find

Yemen: Cave reveals archaeological find
trefwoorden: Jemen - prehistorie - grot - pijlpunten - speerpunten
A team of archeologists has discovered Sana'a an ancient cave containing animal bones and stone arrow or spearheads dating back to pre-historic era in Al-Mazbad, Hamdan.
Minister of Culture and Tourism Khaled Al-Rowishan ordered the concerned authorities to take quick measures to protect the objects found in the cave, according to an official source.
The source added: "International experts and some Sana'a University professors have been authorized by the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums (GOAM) to conduct immediate and extensive research of the discovered objects, believed to have originated tens of thousands of years ago."

Lees verder bij: Zawya (10 augustus 2003)