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`Lost' Inca city a royal retreat

'Lost' Inca city a royal retreat
trefwoorden: Inca - Macchu Picchu
Closer look topples theories about purpose of ancient structures: Macchu Picchu was one of many private estates of the emperor.
Working with new evidence and a trove of re-examined relics, many of them recovered from the basement of a museum in Connecticut, archaeologists have revised their thinking about the significance of Macchu Picchu, the most famous ''lost city'' of the Inca.
The new interpretation comes more than 90 years after the explorer Hiram Bingham III bushwhacked his way to a high ridge in the Andes of Peru and beheld a dreamscape out of the pre-Columbian past. The expression ''lost city,'' popularized by Bingham, was the magical elixir for rundown imaginations in the summer of 1911, evoking the romanticism of exploration.

Lees verder bij: Mercury News (5 augustus 2003)