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Iron age burial site unearthed

Iron age burial site unearthed
trefwoorden: ItaliŽ - Tuscane - ijzertijd - begraafplaats - beeld
Workers fixing the sewers of a small Tuscan village have discovered a mysterious statue which may lead to a large Iron Age warrior cemetery.
A little over 2 feet tall, the prehistoric statue was found in Filattiera, a village in the magical stone land of Lunigiana, the wild and remote northwestern corner of Tuscany that borders Liguria.
"The sculpted slab has been re-used to create a 'cassetta' tomb, a typical burial of the ancient Ligurian people in which stone slabs were used to make a sort of coffin. So far we have identified three tombs, containing fragments of pottery. We are very excited as further excavation will begin shortly," archaeologist Rita Lanza told Discovery News.

Lees verder bij: Discovery Channel (8 augustus 2003)