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Ancient graves at old airport

Ancient graves at old airport
trefwoorden: Griekenland - Athene - 300 BCE - begraafplaats
Archaeologists on the site of the old Athens airport survey a group of 2,300-year-old marble sculptures that adorned a family enclosure at a cemetary.
Other finds included some 250 pottery vases and three large bronze vessels. A tram depot will be built on the site.
Excavations on the site of the old Athens airport at Hellenikon have uncovered a large ancient cemetery with richly furnished graves that include an ornate family enclosure decorated with relief sculptures.
Archaeologist Dina Kaza, who heads the ongoing dig that started last September under the old Olympic Airways maintenance hangars, told Kathimerini that inscriptions found in the enclosure identified the cemetery as part of the ancient deme (district) of Euonymon. «We knew the airport and the surrounding area was of archaeological interest, but were not aware of the precise spots,» she said.

Lees verder bij: Kathimerini (9 augustus 2003)