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Archaeologists unearth German Stonehenge

Archaeologists unearth German Stonehenge
trefwoorden: Duitsland - oudste - astronomie - observatorium - Stonehenge
German experts on Thursday hailed Europe’s oldest astronomical observatory a “milestone in archaeological research” after the details of the sensational find were made public.
The observatory was discovered in Saxony-Anhalt last year.
The sleepy town of Goseck, nestled in the district of Weissenfels in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt shimmers under the brutal summer heat, as residents seek respite in the shade.
Nothing in this slumbering locale indicates that one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all times was made here. But this is indeed exactly where archaeologists digging in the region last September stumbled upon what they believe is Europe’s oldest astronomical observatory ever unearthed.

Lees verder bij: Deutsche Welle (8 augustus 2003)