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Caligula 'thought he was a god'

Caligula 'thought he was a god'
trefwoorden: romeinse tijd - Caligula - godheid - tempel
Ancient Roman emperor Caligula may have been crazier than previously known according to archaeologists.
An Anglo-American team has examined remains in Rome's Forum which show he incorporated a holy temple into his palace to imply that he himself was a god.
This shows Caligula "was really maniacal", said Darius Arya, executive director for the American Institute for Roman Culture.
"He's saying, 'I'm living with the gods, I am a god,"' said Arya, who led a 35-person team, including students from Oxford and Stanford universities, on the five-week dig.
Arya said Roman emperors could expect elevation to the status of gods after death, but to harbour these pretensions while alive was extraordinary.
Italian archaeological officials were cautious about the team's claims, saying they could not yet confirm the research.
Arya's team analysed drainage systems, walls and pavement in the Forum which they said indicated that Caligula extended his palace to include the venerated temple of Castor and Pollux.
In his account of the life of the emperor, Roman historian Suetonius wrote that Caligula had "extended the Palace as far as the Forum, converted the shrine of Castor and Pollux into its vestibule and would often stand between these Divine Brethren to be worshipped by all visitants".
Arya said the team's research confirmed this account.
Suetonius said Caligula was mad, writing that the emperor gave his horse "a house, a team of slaves, and furniture", and even planned to make the animal a state official. He also recounted how the emperor, ashamed of his baldness, made it a "capital offence for anyone either to look down on him as he passed or to mention goats in any context".
: Associated Press