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An Olympianís sanctuary rises from Dionís mud

An Olympianís sanctuary rises from Dionís mud
keywords: Dion - Pieria - Greece
The marble statue of Zeus sitting on a throne was discovered on an altar of what is believed to be a sanctuary of the chief Olympian god found at Dion, an ancient Macedonian city in central Greece.
The sanctuary was discovered by chance, as it was below the surface of a river that was being drained as part of anti-flooding works.

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe is a sanctuary to Zeus Hypsistos, the chief ancient Greek god, at the site of the Macedonian city of Dion near Pieria, Prof. Dimitris Pantermalis said yesterday. The finds include a marble statue of the god seated on a throne (headless and slightly smaller than life-size) and 14 marble eagles, symbols of the king of the Olympian gods. The finds date from the Hellenistic and Roman eras. ...

Read more at Kathimerini (august 1, 2003)