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Minister visits Tas-Silg archaeological site

Minister visits Tas-Silg archaeological site
trefwoorden: Malta - Tas-Silg - tempel - steentijd - byzantijnen
Minister Jesmond Mugliett accompanied Italian Ambassador Alvise Memmo on a tour at Tas-Silg with site the managers, who explained the excavation works in progress.
Excavations at the Tas-Silg site have been ongoing for almost twenty years by teams from the University of Malta and three Italian universities as part of the Italian archaeological mission to Malta.
The studies carried out at the site in the past have produced a corpus of eight volumes of documentation and various other papers.
The wealth of information and artefacts collected from Tas-Silg indicate that this site was one of the most important in the Mediterranean basin in ancient times.
The site contains a spectrum of archaeological fabric dating from neolithic times to the byzantine and Arab periods. It is considered a ‘class A’ site not only because of its national importance but also because it is a critical asset due to its extent, fabric and historical development.
The site is a cultic shrine which has been re-used across the ages. It is this adaptive use which makes Tas-Silg so unique and interesting for the academic world in the Mediterranean basin.
The excavations at Tas-Silg, financed by the Italian protocol, have entered an interesting phase with a holistic analysis of the entire site and the consolidation of parts of the archaeological fabric. The strategy is currently focused on the analysis, data gathering and full interpretation of the site as is.
The party later visited storage rooms at St Clement’s Bastion in Cottonera where all the artefacts collected from Tas-Silg are being kept and inventoried.

Gelezen bij: Malta Independent (17 juli 203)