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Tribes, archaeologists at odds over prehistoric cemetery

Tribes, archaeologists at odds over prehistoric cemetery
trefwoorden: Prehistorie - begraafplaats - indiaans - stam
Prehistoric human remains and artifacts discovered in one of the continent's oldest known cemeteries will undergo extensive analysis,
despite complaints of grave desecration from several American Indian tribes.
Federal officials say they hope to minimize destructive tests on the human bones and promptly rebury them when studies are complete, but tribes say they are considering legal action to halt further analysis.
"These are our ancestors," said Walter Celestine of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe in East Texas.
After more than 18 months of talks with archaeologists, tribes and others, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acknowledged the tribes' concerns and vowed to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act that prescribes treatment of such sites. Corps officials insisted that more study is warranted, given the knowledge to be gained about prehistoric culture.

Lees verder bij: The Statesman (27 juli 2003)