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Scientists have found oldest shipwreck in Alaska

Scientists have found oldest shipwreck in Alaska
trefwoorden: Alaska - 19e eeuw - scheepswrak
Scientists say they have found what they believe to be the wreckage of the Russian sailing vessel Kadiak, which sank in 1860 in shallow waters near Spruce Island.
"We have discovered what we believe to be a significant archaeological site," said Dr. Brad Stevens, who spearheaded the project.
If the scientists are correct that their discovery is the remains of the Kadiak, then that makes it the first shipwreck found from the Russian American colonial period, which also makes it the oldest shipwreck found in Alaska.
The Kadiak, piloted by Capt. Illarion Ivanovich Arkhimandritov, was a Russian American Company ship, based out of Sitka but home-ported in Kodiak. The Kadiak transported ice from Kodiak to San Francisco.

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