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"Touching hand with history" a finger print of Roman London
trefwoorden: UK - Londen - romeinse tijd - zalf
Archaeologists have today, July 28, opened up a sealed Roman box at the Museum of London - its contents: 2000-year-old cream, complete with perfectly preserved ancient finger marks.
Measuring six centimetres by five, the small metal pot was unearthed earlier this month close to a newly-discovered Romano-Celtic temple complex in Southwark, south London.
The pot was discovered in a Roman drain and while experts are not certain what it was used for, it is believed to have been hidden deliberately.
"This is a find of such rarity - although we don't yet know whether the cream was medicinal, cosmetic or entirely ritualistic," explained Nansi Rosenberg, Senior Archaeological Consultant with EC Harris, the company managing the dig.

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