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Police uncover home treasure trove

Police uncover home treasure trove
trefwoorden: Griekland - steentijd - Ottomaanse Rijk - smokkelwaar
Greek police have arrested a man who amassed an astonishing private hoard of over 2,000 treasures.
The artefacts dated from the Stone Age to the Ottoman Empire at his home and garden, police said today.
The man, 54, was arrested on Friday in the north of the country and is accused of taking part in illegal archaeological digs as well as black market sales and purchases of antiquities in Greece and abroad.
Police discovered the treasures hidden away at the man's home in Apsalos, in the Pella region west of Greece's second city Salonika, as well as in his garden, in a nearby shed and a disused railway depot.

Lees verder in: The Adviser (28 juli 2003)