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Iceman cometh - from Italy

Iceman cometh - from Italy
trefwoorden: Ötzi - ItaliŽ - Oostenrijk - Tirol
A botter row between Austria and Italy over which country can claim to be home to the world's oldest ice mummy has been settled thanks to the work of a scientist from an Australian university.
The 5300-year-old mummy, known as Ötzi after the Ötz Valley region between the two countries where he was found, was at the centre of the bizarre ownership row after his corpse was found on the mountainous border region separating the two, in the disputed region of South Tyrol.
The question of whether Oetzi was an Austrian heading to Italy or an Italian heading to Austria has been the source of heated debate, especially since the ice mummy has proven to be a multi-million dollar tourist attraction.

Lees verder in: News.com (26 juli 2003)