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Archeologists look deep into the past in Somers Point

Archeologists look deep into the past in Somers Point
trefwoorden: Somers Point - 17e eeuw
From a distance, it looked like Bill Liebeknecht was playing in the dirt. But Liebeknecht, an archeologist, actually was bringing layers of the city's history up to the surface Monday.
Liebeknecht and his assistants came here from Trenton and spent the past two days digging holes behind the Atlantic County historical Society and the Somers Mansion as a requirement for the historical society's expansion project.
"The location is perfect," Liebeknecht said of the house-turned-museum perched on Shore Road. "It's high, dry ground with a food source in the bay. It's everything you could want."
Perfect for settlers, he explained, holding pieces of artifacts that date to the 1700s.
The bay was home to American Indians and later European settlers. The deeper Liebeknecht dug the more remnants of the city's history he discovered.

Lees verder in: Press of Atlantic City (24 juli 2003)