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Construction team unearths Roman grave

Construction team unearths Roman grave
trefwoorden: Cyprus - romeinse tijd - graf - bouwvakkers
Construction workers digging a new house plot in Xylotombou found a lot more than just dirt and rocks as they broke the surface, Monday.
What they managed to unearth was an ancient Roman grave filled with seven skeletons, a big white amphora, and a large supply of pots and jugs next to the human remains.
Workers immediately called the police, who contacted Marinos Avram, head of the Archaeological Museum of Larnaca. Avram and a small team of fellow archaeologists made their way over to the unearthed burial ground to exhume and to examine the findings.
“Needless to say,” Avram said yesterday, “the family was quite surprised to learn they had previously been sleeping over a grave filled with seven dead bodies. An old lady who used to live above the grave joked that she now understood why she has trouble sleeping at night.”

Lees verder in: Cyprus Mail (23 juli 2003)