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Historical site gives up secrets

Historical site gives up secrets
trefwoorden: Castle Hill - Uk - opgraving - ijzertijd - romeinen - angelsaksen
Skeletons of a young woman and a new-born baby dating back to the Roman period have been unearthed by archaeologists at Wittenham Clumps.
While they could be the remains of a mother and her child, Tom Allen of Oxford Archaeology said it was unlikely. The skeletons had originally been buried several yards apart on Castle Hill, at Little Wittenham, near Didcot.
Archaeologists at work on Castle Hill at Wittenham Clumps Mr Allen described the discovery s "significant but not totally unexpected", at the start of the first archaeological dig to be undertaken at the Clumps, including the Iron Age hill fort of Castle Hill.

Lees verder in: This is Oxford (23 juli 2003)