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Gladiator glass is a sparkling find

Gladiator glass is a sparkling find
trefwoorden: Northamptonshire - Romeinse tijd - gladiator - gegraveerd glas
An engraving of a gladiator carved on the side of a glass by Romans more than 1,500 years ago has been found in a Northamptonshire field.
Archaeologists found the ancient fragment of glass on the site of a villa nearNether Heyford last week and it was displayed to the public for the first time at the weekend.
Archaeologist Barbara Evans-Reese said the engraved fragment of glass, which shows a male gladiator in a fighting pose, was an amazing find.
"Everybody was very excited when we found it last Thursday," she said. "It was a very special moment
"Carved Roman glass like this is not a common find. It would have been very expensive and it's a very special piece. It gives us a clear idea of the status the villa had."
The carved glass was found in the bath house of the Roman Villa, which was discovered in a field near Nether Heyford four years ago.

Lees verder in: Northampton Today (22 juli 2003)