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Threatened mosaics saved by 2m grant

Threatened mosaics saved by 2m grant
trefwoorden: Isle of Wight - romeinse tijd - mozaiek - redding
An important archaeological site which faced being re-buried under tons of dirt has been saved.
Backers of Brading Roman Villa, on the Isle of Wight, are to receive more than 2m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
That means they are now ready to begin work on a 2.7m scheme to replace a 100-year-old rusting metal roof currently covering the site's 4th Century mosaics.
It had been feared that if the lottery cash had not been forthcoming the mosaics would have had to have been reburied for their protection.
The villa's trustees have already raised 650,000 from visitors and supporters and are confident that the final amount of cash will be raised in the next couple of weeks.

Lees verder in: BBC News (23 juli 2003)