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Old city of Fujairah being renovated

Old city of Fujairah being renovated
trefwoorden: Dubai - renovatie - fort - paleizen
Experts at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage are renovating the old city of Fujairah that houses the Old Fort of Fujairah, old palaces of the Ruling Family and residences.
They have already completed restoring a number of important archaeological sites in Fujairah and are renovating other historic sites to make a complete heritage village that will attract tourists.
Ahmed Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director of the department, said the renovation project started in 1997 when experts were brought to restore the Old Fort of Fujairah.
"After renovating the old fort in mid 2000, we started the second phase, renovating the old city of Fujairah, which was built around the old fort and contains houses and palaces of Rulers and Sheikhs," said Al Shamsi.

Lees verder in: Gulf News (22 juli 2003)