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Protecting history under water

Protecting history under water
trefwoorden: Panama - Onderwaterarcheologie - Spanje - Portugal
The remnants of the past that lie in the depths of Panamanian waters are now covered by a law that protects the Central American nation's historic heritage.
A legal tool that recognises the value of underwater archaeology -- and blocks the way of treasure hunters.
Panama's Legislative Assembly incorporated subaquatic treasures into the category of national heritage in a Jun. 30 decision. This was good news for archaeologists who are keen on studying the cultural wealth submerged in the country's seas, lakes and rivers.
The areas declared archaeological sites cover 30,000 square km on the ocean floor of the Pacific and Atlantic within Panamanian territorial waters. The now-protected area holds vestiges of dozens of galleons of the Spanish and Portuguese armadas from the colonial era.

Lees verder in: IPS News (18 juli 2003)