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Ancient faces' haunting lure

Ancient faces' haunting lure
trefwoorden: Oudheid - Fayum portretten - Egyptisch - Grieks - Romeins
The Fayum portraits are an enigma in terms of classification: Are they Egyptian, Greek or Roman? Doxiadis' book sheds light on the matter.
The exhibits stare at you. Never have I felt myself being reviewed so fiercely by a show." That is how the Sunday Times art critic described his feelings leaving the Fayum portraits, displayed in the exhibition Ancient Faces at the British Museum from June 1 until July 20, 1997. This is exactly the feeling of those who visit the exhibition of the Fayum portraits now open until 15 July at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis).

Lees verder in: Athens News (11 juli 2003)