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Archeologists unearth unique objects in Novgorod

Archeologists unearth unique objects in Novgorod
trefwoorden: Rusland - Novgorod - 14e eeuw - muziekinstrument
Archaeologists unearthed a 14-th century oriental music instrument, while digging at excavation sites in Veliky Novgorod, which is the administrative center of Russia's north-western Novgorod region.
Talking to Ria-Novosti, full-time member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Yanin, who heads the Novgorod archaeological expedition, said that archaeologists have found a small iron Oriental music instrument at the Nikitin excavation site in the city's former merchant district. This wind-instrument, which resembles a horse-shoe, was used to make rather unusual guttural sounds.

Lees verder in: Russian Inforation Centre (19 juli 2003)